why music can be so powerful in ur life??
question for u all guys!
i love all music instruments, each instruments have character,unique sound,superb awesome til blast my soul,my mind traveling somewhere out there..basically,i can play all instruments,but just several music instruments already there yet. i need to explore,study,more experiment,more and more..being part of music,that the feeling u cant buy with money! however,what i face it now are brushes,pencils,markers,etc. FUCKING ASSHOLE!! anyway,secretly i still doing my side project!
it's side project. just wait. i tell u ...music is fucking awesome!

ohh...one more thing,

Band of the day!!!

Goodnight Electric

-Electro-pop-New Wave-

lame voice + sequencer + vocoder + programmer + synthesizer =
sound like casio calculator, alien abduction, quadrapop games, synthesizers, oldskoo computer, and battle spaceship with Robert Smith in it.
need to check them out!

- Am i robot
- The supermarket iam in
- Scifi love, etc

swallow and bye!

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