I love The Used so muchh better than u know abt that.
however, The Used drummer - Branden S - kicked out from the band around september 2006.
the good news are The Used found the new drummer -Danny- for their band, but its just additional player, and dun wanna to admit anyone who become drummer to respect their ex-drummer. they said like that,but people can change! The other news is The used ex-drummer now became drummer in his fav band...RANCID!! wooww, i cant say anything abt that. All the best for them.


BAnd of the DAY!!


why?? the vox is Hayley, is a girl, she's rock, she always stole my heart and my mind everytimes i saw them on tv or their live performed last time.

- Here we go again
- Emergency
- Pressure, etc..

fuck and bye

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