starting from 2mr no internet til jan '07!!
who cares!! FUCK IT!!!

and ohhh...

Band of the day!!!

Avenged Sevenfold - A7X

listen to them and u'll know..

fighted and bye


About band of the day!

its kinda hard for u all guys know abt band of the day.
and people these day are stingy than u expected, dun waste ur time and ur comp memory. so for u all guys no need to download the songs from band of the day that i wrote every times i made new post,just go to myspace.i think myspace have the band..well,most of it.
make myspace.,,friendster SUCK!!

anyway my taste of band of the day still the same.

Goodnight Electric

insomnia and bye.


why music can be so powerful in ur life??
question for u all guys!
i love all music instruments, each instruments have character,unique sound,superb awesome til blast my soul,my mind traveling somewhere out there..basically,i can play all instruments,but just several music instruments already there yet. i need to explore,study,more experiment,more and more..being part of music,that the feeling u cant buy with money! however,what i face it now are brushes,pencils,markers,etc. FUCKING ASSHOLE!! anyway,secretly i still doing my side project!
it's side project. just wait. i tell u ...music is fucking awesome!

ohh...one more thing,

Band of the day!!!

Goodnight Electric

-Electro-pop-New Wave-

lame voice + sequencer + vocoder + programmer + synthesizer =
sound like casio calculator, alien abduction, quadrapop games, synthesizers, oldskoo computer, and battle spaceship with Robert Smith in it.
need to check them out!

- Am i robot
- The supermarket iam in
- Scifi love, etc

swallow and bye!


I love The Used so muchh better than u know abt that.
however, The Used drummer - Branden S - kicked out from the band around september 2006.
the good news are The Used found the new drummer -Danny- for their band, but its just additional player, and dun wanna to admit anyone who become drummer to respect their ex-drummer. they said like that,but people can change! The other news is The used ex-drummer now became drummer in his fav band...RANCID!! wooww, i cant say anything abt that. All the best for them.


BAnd of the DAY!!


why?? the vox is Hayley, is a girl, she's rock, she always stole my heart and my mind everytimes i saw them on tv or their live performed last time.

- Here we go again
- Emergency
- Pressure, etc..

fuck and bye


Band of the day!!

Motion City Soundtrack!!!

- Lets get fuck up and die
- Everything is alright
- The Future makes me freaks out

enjoy and bye!


band of the day..


albums i listen to
-Think Tank(1998)
-The best of(2002)

what r u looking at??

nothing to do..